Nbook dust jacket repair

Dust jacket covers custom book dust jacket printing. My mom used to laminate my school books with a similar technique but it wouldnt work for a dust jacket. The dust jacket usually has on the front a photo or graphics image, the. Twist the bag a bit to loosen some dust and rub it around gently on the surface of the jacket with your clean fingers, a soft brush or the pad itself. Remove the damaged dust jacket from the book and lay it face down on your worktable.

If you really want to try repairing the tears yourself, you can use archival tape on. Careful dust jacket restoration includes removing any tape or other poorly made repairs, properly mending tears and filling in paper losses. But doing so would be terrible for casual book readers. My mom used to laminate my school books with a similar technique but it wouldn t work for a dust jacket. For a very difficult dust jacket repair i received a dust jacket restoration job for steinbacks the grapes of wrath. The most obvious damage to the dust jacket was the tear along this foreedge. If the spines are yellowing or fading get books out of the sun, as sunlight will bleach dust jackets and covers. Simple dust jacket cleaning, such as the gentle wiping with a soft cloth that can be done with the jacket in place around its book, is just the start. For true spring cleaning and repair, the dust jacket must be removed from the book and placed face down and open, its exterior exposed to whatever it rests on. Take care to repair remember, everyone judges books by their covers. If the brush does not work, gently clean the dirt with an art gum eraser. Much of the value of a modern first edition resides in the book jacket.

This is a tissue tape that is peeled from the backing and applied. A book jacket, or dust jacket, protects the hardcover book from spills and wear, and so they sometimes deserve a little maintenance themselves. Make sure the adhesive side is face down so that the white paper is facing you. Restoration of any kind to a rare book lowers its market value. When a dust jacket rips, the book may never circulate again.

How to cover and protect hardback books without a dust jacket duration. To these the restorer of dust jackets must add a high level of skill in color matching and a high level of ability in copying the original image. The site also contains articles on reprojackets, how they are produced, and links for further reading. In light of the skills ive learned this summer, i decided to offer my services in repairing the dust jacket. Repaired or facsimile dust jackets will definitely increase the attractiveness of the book.

Its definitely not invisible, but paste repairs are reversible, so an offwhite paper could be used in the future. For tears in the paper or dust jacket, use gaylord or any document repair tape. How to repair a damaged book cover ifixit repair guide. For dirty matte finished dust jackets or pages, the best book treatment is a document cleaning pad. Between different cover materials, dust jackets, diamond 3d cover coatings, and hot foil stamping, youve got a lot of options for your book. But whatever dust jacket cover you decide, your books.

Step 1 how to repair a damaged book cover lay the contact paper on a smooth, clean surface. Remove any dust from inside the folds using a small brush with soft bristles. It was in pieces and had a ton of scotch tape all over the joints and edges of the outside. Commentary meet jack and taff fitterer, the wizards of book restoration posted friday, january 17, 2020 6. Dont hate on the dust jacket some people would like to get rid of dust jackets those glossy outer covers of hardcover books. The dust jacket is a outer paper cover over a hardback book. During the 1990s, when restoration of dust jackets reached a high art, it soon became a controversial subject for rare book dealers and.

Where can you find replacement dust jackets for books. Because the tear was right on the crease, i ended up using japanese tissue on both sides of the paper. How does one properly repair torn dust jacket on an older book. But restoration does absolutely nothing to increase the value of a book.

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