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Jeffrey cichonski joshua m franklin michael bartock s. To stop total cost of ownership from soaring, the proposed architecture will be softwareconfigurable and split between. The first deployments were simply known as lte, but later deployments were designated 4g lte advanced and later still 4g lte pro. This is followed by an analysis of the threats posed to lte networks and supporting mitigations. Named as lte long term evolution, the 4g system architecture is made up of an epc evolved packet core and evolved universal terrestrial radio access network eutran. First, the lte network reference model is defined and its basic evolved packet system eps entities and the functions of each entity are. Introduction the architecture of the henb system is discussed and three different options for implementation are listed. It also provides a look at the evolution to a dataonly lte network and includes a discussion of. The highlevel network architecture of lte is comprised of following three main components. This network is composed of three major sub networks. The paper starts with a discussion about interworking between lte and 5g then explores.

A baseline architecture for private lte is shown in figure 2. For the distributed enterprise market, 4g lte network technologies are a catalyst for new enterprise network architectures, innovative business paradigms, and improved operations. Qualcomm the core network inabox is typically virtualized and is deployed on. Thus, in order to achieve the goals, the architecture of the network if different from the previous wireless data transfer network, gprs. Physicalcommunication32010217244 219 table 1 lte, lte advanced,andimtadvancedperformancetargetsfordownlinkdlanduplinkul. Lte network architecture in lte tutorial april 2020. Research article architectural shift from 4g to 5g. Using a private lte solution can help industries transition from expensive legacy voiceonly land and mobile radio lmr communication networks to the comprehensive media and applicationserving networks of today.

This book presents the technical characteristics of the two radio network interfaces of mobile 4g, lte and lte advanced, based on release 8, 9 and 10 of the 3gpp specifications. Get 4g lte fundamentals training course with certification 4g lte fundamentalstrainingcoursecertification this video explains. Lte refers to long term evolution, and the architecture of the lte network is as following, the enodeb is the 4g site that the ue connects to. This video tutorial talks about lte architecture in detail to give holistic view of lte architecture. Architecture for localarea private lte networks source.

The 4g lte networks offer the higher bandwidth at more than 100 mbps for the transmission of the data among the given network. According to different service requirements, fiberoptic cable availability and network resource allocations, ran real time and nonreal time resources can be deployed on the site or on the access cloud side. Puente, konstantinos samdanis, and bessem sayadi lte advanced pro the authors discuss 3gpp eps mobile network evolution as a whole, analyzing specific architecture. Free 4g lte books download ebooks online textbooks. Lte fully abbreviated as longterm evolution is a technology involving firstgeneration 4g cellular networking. Network architecture 5g research centers in china shen zhen shang hai cheng du moscow, russia. Lte 4g network architecture lte core network mobile. Private lte makes it easier to deploy a private, 3g or 4g longterm evolution lte broadband network. Typical mobile network architecture with mobile backhaul network portion highlighted. Lte advanced mobile communication standard as a major enhancement of the 3gpp lte standard peak data rates of 1 gbps to meet imt advanced standards for 4g ability to leverage advanced topology heterogenous networks such as picocells and femtocells improves capacity and coverage and provides large bandwidth upto 100 mhz.

The evolved umts terrestrial radio access network e. It includes radio access, devices and core network. Gsm, 3g and 4g operators are faced with exciting challenges including extending networks to provide adequate connectivity in dense regions with. To meet these demands, drastic improvements need to be made in cellular. The voice transported using voip and legacy networks.

Main functionalities of each network node are discussed in detail along with examples. The evolved packet core communicates with packet data networks in the outside world such as the. This document serves as a guide to the fundamentals of how lte networks operate and explores the lte security architecture. Not only was the radio access network improved for 4g lte, but the network architecture was overhauled enabling lower latency and much better interconnectivity between elements of the radio access network, ran. So, in post, a comprehensive overview of the network architecture and basic working principle of lte network is going to be discussed. The 4g architecture basically build upon 3g or can say that it is a extension of 3g wireless technology. Future and challenges of 4g wireless technology nitika rawat abstract. This paper provides an overview of ims, its architecture and applications from the perspective of the lte user equipment ue.

Performance evaluation of a deployed 4g lte network. The different implementation options are analyzed and a. Comparision of 3g wireless networks and 4g wireless. A functional representation of 3g network architecture is. Kuwfi 4g lte router this is a pocket router that is lightweight for those who want to travel with it. The evolved umts terrestrial radio access network eutran. Difference between 3g and 4g technology with comparison. The lte network architecture has been presented as the first document of the lte technical document series. In addition, the book focuses on the endtoend aspects of the lte network architecture and different deployment scenarios of commercial lte networks.

Globally huawei is the only company that can supply a full end to end 5g technology solution, from chipset, devices, radio access and. To overcome the limitations of 4g and create a real wireless world a new wireless technology is proposed for the future called 5g. A usim stores userspecific data very similar to 3g sim card. This document provides a brief overview of the lte network architecture as the first technical document of lte area. Mobile 4g lte lte, lte advanced mobile 1g amps, nmt, tacs richer content. Lte have a significant effect on the operation of mobile devices. Lte network architecture and protocolpdf free download. The authors in 9 presented a computation of path loss using different propagation models for lte advance networks in different terrains. However, in order for deployment of a 4g lte network to make business sense, it must be implemented in a way that streamlines operations. The highlevel network architecture of lte is comprised of below three main components. Increased bandwidth endtoend ip simplified architecture.

Points covered include a detailed description of various components of the radio interface. Dcs nideag metro network mplsethernet ipmpls csr core csr bsc msc mme pdsn sgw metrocellmicrocell nxt1e1, ds3, oc3. The lte network architecture explained in this document applies to a lte only network provided by a single operator and thus has. This keeps information about the users phone number, home network identity and security keys etc. Design, deployment and performance of 4glte networks. From 3g to lte examines network architecture evolution in response to rapidly growing 3g data traffic and the planned introduction of long term evolution lte and system architecture evolution sae technology now also known as enhanced umts terrestrial radio access network eutran and evolved packet core epc, respectively in the 2010 to. There is ip network architecture used by the lte network that makes it fully dedicated to the packet switched operations. Lte lte advanced for mobile broadband pdf, epub, docx and torrent then this site is not for you. Related works the network performance of lte networks have been studied extensively in literature. Much of the lte standard addresses the upgrading of 3g umts to what will eventually be 4g mobile communications technology. An adtran white paper 4glte mobile backhaul reference. Current ran architecture is undergoing a transformation to increase deployment flexibility and network dynamicity, so that networks will be able to meet the performance requirements demanded by applications such as extreme mobile broadband and longrange massive mtc.

Design, deployment and performance of 4g lte networks addresses the key practical aspects and best practice of 4g networks design, performance, and deployment. Enhancement of the utra optimisation of the utran architecture to ensure the continued competitiveness of the 3gpp technologies for the future lte was the first and only technology recognized by the next generation mobile network alliance to meet its broad requirements target deployment in 2010. Mobile network architecture evolution toward 5g peter rost, albert banchs, ignacio berberana, markus breitbach, mark doll, heinz droste, christian mannweiler, miguel a. Get the best deals on 4g home network wireless routers and find everything youll need to improve your home office setup at. Lte network architecture and protocol pdf free download ebook, handbook, textbook, user guide pdf files on the internet quickly and easily.

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